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Student Demographics

Student Demographics

Maui beach

Windells Skate Academy is Headed to Maui…

Skateboard High School goes to Maui and I for one (and probably everyone else) am soooooooo jealous! That's right our Academy Skateboard Students are … »


Windells Snowboard & Ski Academy is Going to NZ!…

After an amazingly successful summer on Mt. Hood we decided to mix things up and head to the land of the Kiwis and Maoris to enjoy one of the best … »


The Lab: New For Summer and Fall 2015 Semesters…

New for the summer and fall 2015 semesters, Windells Academy will have a MaxAir Super Quad 14’ x 14’ trampoline. The MaxAir Super Quad features a … »


Farming on the Palmer Snow Field…

We're often asked about Mt. Hood, the phenomenon that allows Windells to offer skiing and snowboarding camps all summer long. There are natural … »



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