"I left my son at Windells Academy last week for his first year at Windells, transferring in as a High School sophomore. I flew home completely inspired and in awe by the quality of the coaching, the academic standards and the overall intelligence and passion of everyone on the staff and alumni that I met. Our family is so excited by the possibilities that an education at Windells Academy will offer our son. I honestly left feeling energized myself from the stimulating conversations. It is the most unique place."
- Dorothy Urlich
"Windells Academy continues to provide our teenager with a unique and wonderful high school  experience in the classroom, on the mountains, at the skate parks, on campus, and beyond.  We have seen a tremendous increase in confidence, maturity and ability, both  academically and athletically, as well as an increased level of responsibility and independence which no doubt comes from living away from home, traveling with the group, competing, and learning (to a certain degree) to fend for oneself. We also view the industry visits and the additional outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, and rafting as significant bonus opportunities. Our impression of the staff (administrators, teachers, coaches and support staff--in short everyone) is that they are all multi-talented, enthusiastic and dedicated to their work and the success of the students and the Academy. It’s a great program, and we regret only that we didn’t learn about it earlier than we did. If you're a parent of a prospective student, feel free to contact us. Windells has our information."
- Windells Academy parents
  "We are Boris' parents. It was a real pleasure for us to assist at the beginning of school year. We've been very reassured by meeting all the staff, and very confident in Windells ability to make kids (specially ours) grow up, become smarter and obtain good results at school. Last year, as you can read further, we are very proud that Boris progressed much more than we could imagine. Boris had a rough start to the year primarily because of the language barriers that he experienced; however, his English has significantly improved over the course of the year and so has his effort in school. His grades increased as the year progressed and with your help we anticipate Boris will continue in a positive direction next year." Best regards, Jean-Philippe Benezch