Parents Guide

Spending Money: Based on past history, an amount of approximately $20-$50 per week is adequate for personal spending. It is recommended that students bring a combination of cash and a debit/credit card to use throughout their stay. There are a number of local banks where a bank account may be set up for your student (i.e. Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America).

Accommodations: Boarding Students are housed in our cabins. Each cabin, with a private bathroom, kitchen and common living area, can accommodate up to 4 students. Students have full access to campus facilities, including trampolines, a foam pit, a workout facility, demo center and dining area.

Laundry and Linens: Self-service laundry facilities are available at our local laundromat ($2.00 per wash cycle, $2.00 per dry cycle).

Additional Activities: All additional activities are supervised and may include trips to Sandy, Portland, the movie theater, etc. The cost of these activities and any related transportation expenses are in addition to the tuition and boarding fees. The fees for activities not planned, but supervised by the academy are paid for by the student (i.e. movie tickets, additional groceries, clothing).

Insurance: Tuition fees do not include any provisions for personal, medical or property insurance. It is mandatory that each student provides proof of health insurance. The Student Health Form, Consent for Treatment and Insurance Information forms are mandatory and must be received by Windells Academy prior to participation in any of our programs.

Wiring Instructions: When sending payments by wire, please specify the breakdown between tuition payments and personal spending account funds. Processing fees incurred during the transfer of monies as they clear through all banking channels are paid by the sender. The amount of the credit to your account by Windells Academy is the dollar amount received by the bank.

With more questions or concerns, feel free to contact Windells Academy at or call (503)622-8751.