College Advising

Windells Academy is dedicated to preparing our students for academic success, in our classroom and beyond. To date, every Academy student has been accepted to their first choice college or university. Our alumni have gone on to attend schools such as the University of Colorado, University of Vermont, University of British Columbia, University of Lucerne, Université de Montréal and Laval Université, among others.

Academy students are provided with support in preparation of the SAT or ACT exams and are transported to testing locations on exam days. Personalized coaching and tutoring throughout the preparation process keeps our students ahead of the curve and feeling confident to take their exam.

Researching Schools
Several one-on-one college counseling sessions are offered to research institutions and assist in developing an academic identity that is viable to college admissions departments. Academy students have visited and toured colleges and universities such as University of Southern California, University of Oregon, University of Utah, Westminster College, Portland State University, University of California Santa Cruz, and University of California Los Angeles. Visiting and discovering the different types of institutions and programs that work best for each individual is crucial to their future success.

Applying to Colleges
Once students decide on the institutions they would like to apply to, Academic Advisors assist students throughout the application process. Providing instruction on the different types of paperwork that is needed, as well as reading over and helping edit entrance essays. Windells Academy students can confidently send in their applications to all of their top schools.

Preparing for College Life
Windells Academy students become more independent and self-motivated within the classroom. With online learning and individualized programs, students are able to discover their strengths and weaknesses and develop within those areas. With a majority of the staff at Windells Academy holding a post-graduate degree, the students are able to learn from their first hand experience within an institution of higher learning. Windells Academy alumni often return and mentor students about what to expect post graduation and describe the ways that the academy prepared them for their experience post graduation.