Bob is Windells twelve thousand sq. foot indoor recreational building. Bob has laid host to the Gatorade Free Flow Tour, P2P, Chill, concerts like Del, birthday parties and it has become a second home to Windells Academy Students. Bob is the largest indoor skate, BMX and roller skate park in the Northwest. It is home to the only real foam pit on Mt Hood where camps and pro’s alike learn just about any trick in the book including doubles and triple corks in a safe and most importantly dry environment. You name a pro, from Shaun White, Travis Rice, Luke Mitrani, Louie Vito, Kelly Clark, Torah Bright, Greta Eliassen, Sammy Carlson, Tom Wallisch, Bobby Brown and a ton more have and still use bob to perfect a trick on our two Olympic Trampolines. These tramps are set up next to the foam pit so you can work on tricks by transferring from the tramp to the foam pit. Parents and kids alike can hop onto a live web cam 24/7 to check out all the latest actions.