Brandon Cocard’s full part in Capita’s “Defenders of Awesome”

Brandon Cocard has ridiculous style on his snowboard, is the inventor of snowball (ask him to play!), a super friendly and fantastic person, and we’re lucky to have him as one of the awesomest snowboarding coaches ever at camp.

Capita just posted his full part from their 2011 team movie, “Defenders of Awesome” online. Watch Brandon’s part and if you haven’t seen the rest of the movie, go pick it up right now! You buy get it on iTunes here.

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Nial Romanek is coming to camp with the Flow Team Session 7 2012!

Nial Romanek is a staple out at Windells during the summer. He’s a down-t0-Earth, friendly Minnesota native, with a strong work ethic in his riding and a bag of tricks that is so deep he was turning heads all last summer on the Windells’ jib lines. Nial came out to camp to host Session 1 with Forest Bailey, Johnny Lazz, and Will Bateman last year, and he’s returning Summer 2012 with his teammates from Flow to takeover Session 7. Nial will be lapping the park, putting on games and events, and hanging out with campers along with Brandon Reis, Tim Humphreys, the Shane Fortier, Sarka Pancochova, and more. Nial is an incredibly creative rider with an awesome attitude, so if you want to come shred and hang out with Nial, make sure to sign up for Session 7, when the Flow Team Takeover Session is going to be out of control!

Last summer, Nial let us in on some of the fun that went down during Session 1. Check it out below and get ready for even more during Session 7 2012!

Name: Nial Romanek

Sponsors: Flow, NXTZ, Saga Outerwear, 3L,

Home mountain: Giant’s Ridge, Minnesota

Where do you live now: Truckee, California. I’ve lived there for four years.

When were you at Windells this past summer? In 2011, I was at camp hosting Session 1.

What was your favorite part about the park on hill? Probably the down-flat-down rail. It’s perfect. There’s a bunch of lines that flow together really well. You know how the park is, you choose your line at the top of the hill, either left line, center line or right line, all of the lines are really flowy and you can mix it up each run.

What is your favorite thing about Windells campus?

Just that it’s all there together and they have the illest skatepark that you could possibly have. I think it’s just sick that there’s a full-on campus, everything is together—once you’re in Windells, it’s this huge area of skating and having fun. You have everything you need right in front of you.

Tell us about the line contest you guys held on hill.

We did a line contest, which included the Nike 6.0 wooden spine, into a pole jam. We wanted to see more of campers showcasing their skills, if you can do two things in a row that are sick, that’s really what riding in the park is about. Doing lines, hitting features in a row and putting down sick tricks. We rode with the campers to encourage them to go for it. It was awesome.

Tell us about the Flow event you held?

I did a popsicle eating contest, which consisted of campers eating two popsicles (which were double-wide), and then the winner from each round got gear from Flow and also got to go into a final round, where they got the big prizes, like boots and a bag. The funniest, was this one girl in the final round, who had so much cold-ness, she was about to puke. She kept putting her hands up to her mouth like she was going to puke, but ,she didn’t. It was mellow.

What was a memorable moment off hill for you? When the Lifeblood team came to skate. One of the guys did front blunt to regs around the pocket with the loveseat in it. I thought that dude was amazing.


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Windells Snowboard Camp breeds champions in Oslo

The WSF TTR World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo, Norway came to a close last Sunday. Two hundred and forty of the world’s best snowboarders gathered to compete in Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Quarterpipe. The World Champion podiums were packed with former Windells campers and Team members.

Windells familiar faces, Chas Gudlemond and Spencer O’Brien, were dubbed Slopestyle World Champions after their impressive performances on the perfectly groomed course. Gudlemond earned his $40,000 bounty with a frontside blunt 270 out, front board to 450 out, switch back 1260, back 1080, tailpress to back 180 and a huge cab 1260 to put the icing on the cake. Spencer’s run sent her to the top of the women’s Slopestyle podium accompanied by Jaime Anderson and Enni Rukajarvi. O’Brien was able to stump Anderson’s success streak with a front board, noseslide, back 540, switch back 540, 50-50, and a lofty front 720.

Louie Vito and Matt Ladley, contenders for the Men’s Halfpipe Championship title, have spent plenty of time at Camp. Windells camper and Burton team rider, Kelly Clark, made this her 15th consecutive Halfpipe win. Clark made her run look easy: frontside air, backside 540 mute, frontside 1080 mute, cab 720 mute, and frontside inverted 720.

Windells has given these world class athletes the opportunity to ride and train in the off season on world renown facilities. We’re proud to see the hard work of team members and campers pay off, clearly, in big ways. Want to get in on the action? Head to to see what Windells can do for you. Reserve your spot for Spring and Summer Camps today!

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Take me back Tuesday: Technine Team Shoot Out autographs

During Session 7 last summer, the Technine Team was at camp, and while that is awesome in itself, things were even more exciting when the T9 crew rolled into camp, because they had just been named the winner’s of the 2011 Transworld Team Shoot Out.

If you’re not familiar with Team Shoot Out, it is a contest hosted by TransworldSnowboarding Magazine, in which four different snowboard teams are invited to shoot photos and film a short video, all within a certain time period, at a predetermined location. The teams are then judged by the photos and video that they put together.

Every year, the competition is stacked. The crews of riders throw down in the videos. Technine emmerged victorious and received the cover and feature story in the first issue of TransworldSnowboarding of the season. The issue of the magazine arrived just in time for the Technine Team Takeover Session and Session 7 campers were stoked to get copies signed by three members of the winning Shoot Out video: Derrek Dennison, Andrew Brewer, and Dylan Thompson.

Technine comes back to camp Session 6 in 2012, so if you want to shred with them, make sure to sign up for camp! You don’t want to miss out on the Third Annual Technine Donut Eating Contest!

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Scavenger Hunt Take 3: Who are we? Where are we?

Here it is. The third installment of our Employee Scavenger Hunt. Our staff is amazing. They come from all over the country to live life in Mt. Hood with Windells Camp. Once August starts to slip away, they all eventually have to go back to reality and back to their roots. As winter keeps on trucking, our employees are building parks, taking classes, teaching lessons, and just about everything you can think of to pass the time until summer comes back into our lives. This winter hibernation gives us a perfect opportunity for you guys at home, to find our staff members in their natural habitats! “Who Are We? Where Are We?” will take place once a month all over the country. Each contest will spotlight one of your favorite Windells employees at home in their stomping grounds, and it is your job to find them, snap a photo, and win some swag! Sounds fun right? Let’s see what happens when we try and find one of the many redheads occupying our campus.

Name: Marsha Hovey
Position: Marketing Crew
Hometown: Brewster, NY
Sport: Snowboarding (and a pretty serious soccer lady)
Favorite Resort: Mount Hood Meadows
Favorite thing about Windells: The unbelievable level of gnar that is alive on a daily basis.
Favorite memory from camp: Slapping on that SPF 55 for my first summer laps on Hood.

Stay tuned later this week as we release Marsha’s location. The first person to find her and take a photo with her, will be spotlighted on our blog, website, Facebook, and Twitter account (ya know, all those social media hot spots). Most importantly, YOU WIN STUFF! This winter we will be giving away apparel, gear, discounts, and more! You don’t want to miss out. Keep a close eye on all those social networking apps, because once the scavenger hunt is on, you won’t want to miss out.

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Will Bateman is coming to camp Session 1 2012!

Will Bateman is one of our favorite people. He’s hilarious, an awesome friend, and a heck of a good snowboarder. Oh yeah, he is sick on a skateboard, too. Will hosted Session 1 last year and it was a pretty amazing time, so we’re more than stoked that Will is coming back in 2012 during Session 1 for his Team Takeover Session.

Will is always down to shred with campers and help them learn new tricks. You may have gotten to ride with him last year, but if not, come out to Session 1 and take some laps with Will! His riding is really creative and he offers up a unique look at lines and features in the park. For anyone that hasn’t gotten the chance to become friends with Will, here’s a little bit from Mr. Bateman, himself.Sponsors: Academy, Osiris, Airblaster, Aerial7, Hoven Sunglasses, Northwave, Drake

Where are you from: Planet Earth

Home mountain: Mount Snow, Vermont

Where do you live now: Lake Tahoe, California

When did you come to Windells first?

When I was like 15 I was a camper here. Eric Dummer was my coach, and he is now my Team Manager at Academy. He just became the team manager, which is super weird. It all circles back. I just remember thinking that it was the funnest place I’d ever been. I had never been able to snowboard and then skateboard all in one day. I made a bunch of friends and had a fun time skating and snowboarding. I won a free a session to Windells at Spring Loaded [a contest in Killington, VT]. It was pretty much the sickest thing, win a free session and then have the funnest time skating and snowboarding.

When were you at Windells this summer?

First Session. Earliest I’ve ever been here and it was awesome. So much more snow. It was really fun, we got lucky with the weather.

What was your favorite part about the park on hill?

I love that there are tow ropes, so I don’t have to hike. They’ve got a lot of good rails; I like all the rails. I like the jumps, I like everything about the park. I like the diggers. They all build good parks, they’re all good people and sick snowboarders.

What is your favorite thing about Windells campus?

Basically it’s the funnest skatepark because it’s neverending. You feel like you’re skating in the forest on the sickest cement, it’s just so fun. I love the skatepark. The new stuff, the three set and that downrail with the ledge, all that stuff is sick. The back area by the office, all the new little curbs, tons of sweet little slappy curbs and ledges everywhere and tranny, it’s got everything you want to skate.

What was the event on hill that you guys put on?

So, we were thinking about what would be a cool contest to do on the mtn with the campers and we thought it would be cool to do a double line contest where kids had to hit two things in a row and link together tricks. I think that’s cool for kids to learn to start thinking like that so they start putting together a line, like two hard tricks together in a row, I like to see that.

What was an awesome moments from you session?

It was really sweet when me and Forest were taking laps with camper Caleb from Anchorage, Alaska. It was sweet to see someone so young, and we were just all riding together, having fun, watching him try tricks. It was sweet seeing a kid like that who was ripping. He just had a good attitude.

Thanks, Will! Can’t wait to hang out and ride with you this summer!

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It’s Spring Break Time!

Yes, it’s true, Spring Break is almost here. Before we knew it, groundhogs were seeing shadows, Valentine’s being were stamped and sent out, and BAM…March is now only minutes away. Last spring we had unbelievable snow, tons of parks to choose from, and of course, our amazing campus as the home base for all your possible camp needs. Take a peak at spring break 2011, and try to imagine what your photos will look like from spring break 2012. There are three sessions coming up, which one will be your unforgettable vacation?

Sign up today!

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Catching up with Nick Goepper after his X Games Slopestyle silver

Nick was featured in a recent article in his local newspaper.

Nick Goepper is a rising you am on the freeskiing scene. Since last season, Nick has been showing up on podiums at major slopestyle events, turning heads with his style and large bag of tricks. More than that, Nick is only getting better. He’s a student at Windells Academy and a pretty awesome guy, too. He let us in on what he felt like, winning silver at Winter X Games 2012.


It was amazing! Definitely a dream come true. It was hard to take it all in at once.
The most challenging part of the slope course was either the technical rails or the four consecutive jumps. The most fun part was definitely the first wall ride feature.


Lots and lots of PROTEINNNNNNNN SHAKES. Just kidding, but I have been training a lot on trampolines and perfecting my double corks.

Training at Windells Academy helps my skiing immensely. They have every facility imaginable to progress your skiing along with accommodating coaches to help.

X Games for sure. The amount of hype and attention that surrounds it is more than any other contest.



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Take me back Tuesday: so much snow last summer!

Last year, La Nina dumped record amounts of snow onto Mount Hood. When Session 1 rolled around, Timberline cut troughs into the snow under the lifts so that they could run. The amount of snow was mind boggling. The Northwest is having a pretty good year right now, too, especially compared to the rest of the country, where snowfall is less than average this year.

If you happen to live in an area where you could use a little more snow right now, enjoy this Take me Back Tuesday and remind yourself that even if there’s less snow outside right now than you would like, there’s tons of shredding to be done this summer.

This is what the park looked like during Session 1.

Chris Hagerty, bright on a gray day.

Mount Hood was completely white for weeks.

Assistant Head Digger, Everest Arnold.

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Windells Academy students take major competitions by storm

A handful of Windells Academy students are causing quite the commotion in the emerging freeski lineup. Most recently, Senior Academy student and Indiana native, Nick Goepper, took first in Men’s Ski Slopestyle at the Winter Dew Tour Championships at Snowbasin. Nick’s performance won him the number two spot for overall Dew Tour Slopestyle athletes, as well as his fifth consecutive podium at a major event. Nick was named the Mitch Breakthrough Male Athlete of the Year. Currently, Nick holds the number one spot for Men’s Slopestyle in the AFP Top 100. Huge congratulations, Nick, from all of us at Windells! Read more about Goepper’s win from Freeskier Magazine and Alli Sports.

PC Freeskier Magazine

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Senior Windells Academy student from Quebec City, Canada, took 10th in Men’s Ski Slopestyle at the final Dew stop. ABM placed 9th at the Waterville stop and he was runner up for the Ballpark Rookie of the Year award. ABM has had an impressive year and the Windells Academy staff of teachers and coaches are ecstatic about his overall performance.

Both Nick and ABM have received offers from the US and Canadian Freeski Teams. Mike Hanley, Windells Academy President, describes both boys as academically driven. After graduation, Alex has his sights set on Universite Laval in Quebec and Nick plans to attend Westminster in Utah.

Windells alumni are continuing their successes years after they graduate from the Academy. Maggie Stout, Pennsylvania native, placed second in Women’s Pipe at the North Face Open. Congrats, Maggie!

For more information on Windells Camp and Windells Academy, visit our websites at and

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