Industry Trip: Adidas Headquarters Portland, OR

IMG_6523 This semester, Adidas invited the Academy to come by and visit their Headquarters in Portland.  The students got a sneak peek at their product for the summer of 2017. They even got to give their opinions on their upcoming skateboard clothing line. Many of them were pretty excited about the new slip on Adidas coming out in May. Adidas is always a good time, they even gave everyone free socks and stickers! After the focus group we all went down to skate their private skate park that is located in their parking garage, where they have a mini bowl and some street features. Lastly the students got to shop the employee store and received 50% off of their purchases. IMG_6484 IMG_6501 IMG_6502

Press Release: Windells Academy Cancels School for Powder Day

pdayExtreme snow fall combined with school is bad for student's health and motivation in class.  MT. HOOD- Windells Academy cancels school on Thursday, December 17  due to Timberline receiving 6" overnight and to motivate students as the semester comes to a close tomorrow. Academy President, Chris Hargrave said, "When it snows it brings the child out in all of us.  We can't miss an unprecedented pow event on our home mountain.  This feeds all of our souls.  Long live the Windells Academy snow day!" After working diligently all semester the students all deserved to have a snow day before heading home for the holiday break. The students just got back from an amazing trip to Colorado, but nothing is more fun than coming back to Oregon and being greeted with fresh snow and no crowds at Timberline.  Every run today was full of hooting, hollering, blasting hips, and slashing chowder! Windells Academy continues to be the "funnest" place on earth and the best school to attend to live, learn, and ride. Disclaimer: While school was cancelled due to snow on the mountain, there is no evidence that supports the claim that lots of powder combined with school is bad for student's health.  This is all for fun!! Katie  

Windells Academy in New Zealand

Windells Academy New Zealand from Windells on Vimeo. Our Windells Academy Students recently were given the opportunity to travel to the Southern Hemisphere for a trip to New Zealand, skiing, riding and exploring one of the most beautiful places int the world.

Thanksgiving Weekend

IMG_9126In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, the Windells Academy and staff started off the weekend by giving to those less fortunate. By request of some of the students, we began gathering canned goods and other non-perishable items and spent Thanksgiving morning traveling into nearby town of Gresham to drop off our items at a local food drop-off. The students really took initiative on this project. It was great to see the compassion they had for others! Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.39.27 AMWith perfect blue skies and crisp cold air, we continued on with the day by heading into Sandy where we all participated in a Thanksgiving game of flag Football! With a free lunch to Chipotle on the line, the two teams battled against each other in a fun competitive game. Upon coming back to campus, we all gathered around a table garnished in turkey, candied yams, asparagus, and many other delicious Thanksgiving classics, all prepared by chef Steve and Austin. After a moment of silence to give thanks, we all happily ate some pumpkin and pecan pie, along with other tasty deserts! We finished off the evening by heading to the cinemas to watch a movie of the students’ choice. Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 7.42.49 AM Friday morning was fun-filled with snowboarding and skateboarding, complimented by a relaxing evening where we took the students to watch the sunset over Mount Tabor and did some early Christmas shopping. Trying to keep up the holiday cheer, the following day we made our way to a U-Cut Christmas tree farm where we all trudged in the mud to find the perfect tree. Some of the students have never cut down a Christmas tree, so many of them took a turn with the saw and took turns to cut down the tree themselves! With the snowboard trip to Utah/Colorado, and the skateboard trip to Arizona around the corner, we wanted to have a weekend of good cheer and togetherness before we separate for a few weeks. While most of us were not able to go home for the Holiday, it was great to be able to spend time with each other doing the things we love and preparing for the exciting weeks to come. I know the students are looking forward to their end of semester trips, while also looking forward to going home for the Holiday!   Hayley

Parent Update Thanksgiving

mt hood november 2015 Hi Parents,   The resort opened this past weekend and Mt. Hood is looking like a glacier again. This is a photo taken by our student Evan Meany. Evan enjoys taking photos for fun and is enrolled in a digital photography class this semester. I would like to put together a yearbook for the students, but I need the help of all the parents and kids on this one. I am going to have students submit their photos to me from weekend adventures (such as Evan’s), trips, and just fun memories from the semester so far. I would like to ask all of the parents to start thinking about some photos to include as well. This is something you and your child can work on when they are home for the holidays. I would like a baby picture, one from elementary school and another from middle school. These can be funny, embarrassing, serious, or all of the above. Like I said, I don’t need these back right away, but I wanted to put this on your radar. Ideally, I could get 3-5 photos from each of you by February 1.   This past weekend was pretty mellow. The kids went up and rode at Timberline on Saturday and Sunday they stuck around campus and skated BOB and the Concrete Jungle (our outdoor park). It was finally dry! It was nice to see a little sunshine J The students also went to see a movie on Sunday evening. Yesterday and today are double days since there will be no school on Thursday or Friday due to Thanksgiving break.   Thursday we are planning on having a special Thanksgiving dinner that would make everyone’s grandma proud! Wally, our previous Head Chef, has taken a new job closer to home.   Wally has been a large part of Windells Academy and camps over the years and while we are sad to see him go, we are happy he will have more time at home to be with his family. Our new Head Chef, Steve Strenge, will be joining us this week. He has worked for multiple camps, and prides himself on quality food for large groups. He has been switching up the menu and we are excited for him to spice up our lives!   After our feast on Thanksgiving we will be having our second annual Academy football game. Friday the plan is to go riding up at Timberline and then to go into Portland for the Tree Lighting at the Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown that evening.   That is all I have for you this week! I hope everyone has an amazing holiday.   Take care,   Katie

A Week in the Life of an Academy Student

Ever wonder what it would be like to attend a school where your campus is a skatepark, you live with your friends, you get to ski/snowboard/skate every day, and go on amazing trips? Check out what an average week looks like for the students that attend Windells Academy. .. School days you roll out of bed, put on your slip-on Vans and cruise into the cafeteria where our chef will cook you a hot, fresh breakfast that is made to order.  Want pancakes? You got it.  Scrambled eggs with cheese? Yes, please.  Want it all? No worries, we know you are a growing active teenager who's stomach is a bottomless pit.  We will fill that pit with food that even grandma would approve of.  Even though this place is like a dream world, we do some normal things school.  However you can work at your own pace and when the bell rings you get to head up to Timberline to snowboard or skate the world renown campus known as the Concrete Jungle.  When you feel like mixing things up we can take you into Portland to skate some other parks.  We even get access to private skateparks like The Grato, Nike, and Adidas.  We typically do this all week. When the weekend comes we mix things up.  We go to video premiers at local shops, we explore this amazing place that we live, from waterfalls to hot springs, and of course we stop at every skatepark along the way. We take campus tours and help you figure out where you want to go to school, if you don't know what you want to be, we can help show you how you can work in the action sports industry doing something you love.  Not all of our students want to be the next Nick Goepper, some just want to have fun and be immersed in the industry that they love, surrounded by like minded people.  We will take you on industry trips to places like Adidas, K2, and Airblaster to allow you to talk to some people about what they do and how they got involved.  We want to give our students the ability to do whatever it is they want, whether that is being a professional athlete, like Nick Goepper (who attended Windells Academy before becoming an Olympic athlete), or be a Marketing Director for their favorite company. Our goal is to help you succeed and have the most fun doing it.  Come live, learn, and ride with us.  Not ready to fully commit? Send us an email or give us a call and we can set up a trial visit to see if this is the place for you.  If you can't come to visit us here in Oregon, we may be coming to visit a place near you.  We have the opportunity to travel all over while still working on school (huge perk of online schooling).   This semester we have already been to New Zealand to ski and snowboard for three weeks.  We took a skate trip and went to seven states, skated 24 skate parks, and explored three National Parks.  Next week the students that ski and snowboard are heading to Colorado and the skate kids are heading down to Arizona.  The students have the opportunity of a life time here at Windells Academy and so do the staff. All of our staff skis, snowboards, and/or skateboards.  The days of saying "my teacher just doesn't get it" are long gone.  She will teach you how to write your paper in MLA format and how to kick flip.  Your coach has worked with athletes like Chas Guldemond, they have built some of the best skateparks you have ever seen, and been in magazines like Thrasher.  Your principle can teach you how to hand plant and can probably snowboard better than most of the kids at your high school that claim to snowboard.  At Windells Academy we get it, and we get you.   Come join the fun!   Katie

Family Dinner Night

  Family Dinner Every Tuesday night we sit down to an amazing family style dinner.  It is so nice to bring everyone together at one table and connect.  The students and staff have all made a commitment to wearing nicer attire, putting their cell phones down, and enjoying each others company.  It's still a very casual affair but it's fun to see everyone looking nice and sharing a meal together.  These photos were taken the week before Halloween.  If you look carefully you might see the spooky ghost image (Evan, Above) at the dinner table.  Take a look at our resident club GQ (Alden and Harri, below). Dinner Suits Every week we try to bring in a guest speaker from the industry to share their story and answer questions.   Jamie Weller, who is always far too humble, agreed to get up and share a bit of his life story of hard work, great friendships, and total dedication to skateboarding.  It was enlightening to say the least and the students were inspired by his passion and had some amazing questions that Jamie fielded like the pro he is.  It truly is amazing to see how much joy our sports and culture can offer those who choose this amazing life path. I am inspired by this group of students and staff and look forward to seeing where their dreams and passion will take all of us this year.  Thank you to the students, parents, staff for working hard to build such an amazing program and bring together a wonderful team to be a part of. The Snow is falling and we are all getting excited for an amazing year together. Think Snow and dry concrete (perfect world scenario:))! Chris

Windells Academy Big West Skate Trip

image4 With a lot of miles ahead of them, the Windells Academy skate students and staff set off for two and a half weeks of adventuring across the big west. As the van pushed westward from the lush forests of Oregon and Washington to the vast sky of Montana, the crew hit some of the most fun skateparks en route. From the easy flowing, smooth Mountain Dew Skatepark in Lewiston, ID, to the deep, pool coping bowls of Saint Ignatious and Whitefish Skateparks in Montana. With each day and night an adventure, the crew sets up a full campsite filled with tents and hammocks and cooks by firelight to enjoy the fresh air and freedom that nature gives them. As they head eastward they look forward to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole Wyoming, and last stop, Denver. With each passing day, the excitement of an ever changing landscape and fun skatepark to land a new trick awaits them.
Words by: Hayley
image5  image2 image1 image3

Windells Academy in New Zealand

Lake WakatipuMt. Hood, Oregon is home to Windells Academy, but we are fortunate enough to have a second home in Queenstown, New Zealand.  With the limited snowfall on Hood this past winter, and a group of amazing skiers and snowboarders fiending to get on snow, we had no other choice, but to head down under for some spring skiing at Cardrona Mountain on the south island of New Zealand.
It was a long journey getting here, but we finally made it to our final destination in Queenstown.  The drive from the airport to where we're staying really set the tone for the whole trip.  We all knew that New Zealand was going to be incredible, but the panoramic views in every direction cannot be captured in an Intagram photo, no matter how many filters you throw on it.  There is no justice for the beauty that we have seen so far.
Once we all got settled in at the house here at our New Zealand campus on our first day, we went into the town and checked out some of the local shops that sponsor High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Windells New Zealand.  We did a little sight seeing and went to the skatepark to stretch out our legs.  After wandering around town sight seeing and watching the sun set over the waterfront of Lake Wakatipu, we were welcomed home to a hot dinner prepared by our hosts Sharon and Clayton.  They are long time High Cascade employees and have deep roots here in Queenstown.  We could not have asked for better people to be hosting us.
Today is our fourth day of being on hill at Cardrona and the conditions are all time.  All of the students are getting their legs back and the vibe could not be better.  Nothing beats sunny park laps with your friends in New Zealand. Of course we have to shake things up a little bit and work on school each day.  However, when your view is a rugged cliff side and a green meadow with water the color of blue Frost Gatorade (this is not an endorsement!) flowing through it, you remember that life at Windells Academy is amazing.  I know it sounds like a rough life, but someone has to do it! Keep checking back for more updates on our trip in New Zealand and be sure to follow us on Instagram for edits of all the good times.
- Katie Nalder
Thomas Meador Nico Pipitone with a Method Shelby Snyder at Lake Wakatipu Students  at Lake Wakatipu HCSC Van

Windells Skate Academy is Headed to Maui

Skateboard High School goes to Maui and I for one (and probably everyone else) am soooooooo jealous! That's right our Academy Skateboard Students are all headed to Maui for the last 2 weeks of September. We are going on a skate and surf camp trip like no other. We'll be camping on a beautiful property owned by one of the original owners of the DaKine Brand. The property features several acres of land with scenic camping (not too far from the beach) and several skate parks nearby on the Island. Imagine what it would be like to skate in the morning, chill on the beach in the afternoon, and have a family style camp out every night! Yup that's our style. While there our students will be learning about polynesian culture, skating daily (of course), and surfing . . . all while working with our renowned Skate Director, Jamie Weller, on a top secret DIY concrete skate feature. An experience like this can only be earned, normally, through a lifetime of skating professionally, hard work, and building relationships. Our students are fortunate to have coaches like Jamie with access to the relationships we've developed with amazing people like him and all of our industry partners. This is an opportunity that will change the way our students see the world and skateboarding for ever. If you have ever wondered what it might the like to go to a high school that understands how important it is to learn and skate every day then don't hesitate to call us, we get you. We believe that skaters immersed in their culture will fuel their passion for their education and a successful life.  The Windells Skateboard Academy campus is home to one of the best indoor and outdoor concrete skate parks in the world; and our program travels extensively throughout the U.S. (and overseas) to experience the inspiring culture that has developed through skateboarding.   At the Academy you get an education that universities and colleges desire all while pursuing your passion for skateboarding! Want to skateboard while going to high school?  Call or email us to schedule a campus visit and change your life forever! (503)622-8751 / Maui beach maui skate park