Windells Academy Big West Skate Trip


With a lot of miles ahead of them, the Windells Academy skate students and staff set off for two and a half weeks of adventuring across the big west. As the van pushed westward from the lush forests of Oregon and Washington to the vast sky of Montana, the crew hit some of the most fun skateparks en route. From the easy flowing, smooth Mountain Dew Skatepark in Lewiston, ID, to the deep, pool coping bowls of Saint Ignatious and Whitefish Skateparks in Montana. With each day and night an adventure, the crew sets up a full campsite filled with tents and hammocks and cooks by firelight to enjoy the fresh air and freedom that nature gives them. As they head eastward they look forward to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole Wyoming, and last stop, Denver. With each passing day, the excitement of an ever changing landscape and fun skatepark to land a new trick awaits them.

Words by: Hayley

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Windells Academy in New Zealand

Lake WakatipuMt. Hood, Oregon is home to Windells Academy, but we are fortunate enough to have a second home in Queenstown, New Zealand.  With the limited snowfall on Hood this past winter, and a group of amazing skiers and snowboarders fiending to get on snow, we had no other choice, but to head down under for some spring skiing at Cardrona Mountain on the south island of New Zealand.
It was a long journey getting here, but we finally made it to our final destination in Queenstown.  The drive from the airport to where we’re staying really set the tone for the whole trip.  We all knew that New Zealand was going to be incredible, but the panoramic views in every direction cannot be captured in an Intagram photo, no matter how many filters you throw on it.  There is no justice for the beauty that we have seen so far.
Once we all got settled in at the house here at our New Zealand campus on our first day, we went into the town and checked out some of the local shops that sponsor High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Windells New Zealand.  We did a little sight seeing and went to the skatepark to stretch out our legs.  After wandering around town sight seeing and watching the sun set over the waterfront of Lake Wakatipu, we were welcomed home to a hot dinner prepared by our hosts Sharon and Clayton.  They are long time High Cascade employees and have deep roots here in Queenstown.  We could not have asked for better people to be hosting us.
Today is our fourth day of being on hill at Cardrona and the conditions are all time.  All of the students are getting their legs back and the vibe could not be better.  Nothing beats sunny park laps with your friends in New Zealand. Of course we have to shake things up a little bit and work on school each day.  However, when your view is a rugged cliff side and a green meadow with water the color of blue Frost Gatorade (this is not an endorsement!) flowing through it, you remember that life at Windells Academy is amazing.  I know it sounds like a rough life, but someone has to do it! Keep checking back for more updates on our trip in New Zealand and be sure to follow us on Instagram for edits of all the good times.
– Katie Nalder

Thomas Meador Nico Pipitone with a Method Shelby Snyder at Lake Wakatipu Students  at Lake Wakatipu HCSC Van

Windells Skate Academy is Headed to Maui

Skateboard High School goes to Maui and I for one (and probably everyone else) am soooooooo jealous! That’s right our Academy Skateboard Students are all headed to Maui for the last 2 weeks of September.

We are going on a skate and surf camp trip like no other. We’ll be camping on a beautiful property owned by one of the original owners of the DaKine Brand. The property features several acres of land with scenic camping (not too far from the beach) and several skate parks nearby on the Island. Imagine what it would be like to skate in the morning, chill on the beach in the afternoon, and have a family style camp out every night! Yup that’s our style.

While there our students will be learning about polynesian culture, skating daily (of course), and surfing . . . all while working with our renowned Skate Director, Jamie Weller, on a top secret DIY concrete skate feature. An experience like this can only be earned, normally, through a lifetime of skating professionally, hard work, and building relationships. Our students are fortunate to have coaches like Jamie with access to the relationships we’ve developed with amazing people like him and all of our industry partners. This is an opportunity that will change the way our students see the world and skateboarding for ever.

If you have ever wondered what it might the like to go to a high school that understands how important it is to learn and skate every day then don’t hesitate to call us, we get you. We believe that skaters immersed in their culture will fuel their passion for their education and a successful life.  The Windells Skateboard Academy campus is home to one of the best indoor and outdoor concrete skate parks in the world; and our program travels extensively throughout the U.S. (and overseas) to experience the inspiring culture that has developed through skateboarding.   At the Academy you get an education that universities and colleges desire all while pursuing your passion for skateboarding!

Want to skateboard while going to high school?  Call or email us to schedule a campus visit and change your life forever!

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Maui beach

maui skate park

Windells Snowboard & Ski Academy is Going to NZ!

After an amazingly successful summer on Mt. Hood we decided to mix things up and head to the land of the Kiwis and Maoris to enjoy one of the best snow years they’ve had on record! That’s right, we are headed to the Southern Hemisphere where we’ve been told that toilets spin in reverse! Does that mean a backside is actually going to be a frontside?  Come join us and our friends at High Cascade and Windells New Zealand!

Here’s the scoop: our students, academic staff, and coaches depart on September 17th with approximately 20 hours of travel time and land in NZ on the 19th (Time Warp) staying for a full 3 weeks. While there we will be on snow daily and immersing ourselves in the local culture and history of the country. Our students will come back with lots of new tricks in their bag and might even know how to stomp out a Maori HAKA step or two (tradtional warrior dance).

They’ll be staying at the High Cascade and Windells New Zealand campus with our coaches, academic staff, and Sharon White, President of operations in New Zealand. Our NZ campus is tucked away in a region of the country that looks like it’s straight out of Tolkien story. High Cascade and Windells ZN offers camp programs for youth and adults just like in the State.  Located in Queenstown, our NZ campus is close to some of the best snowboarding and skiing in the southern hemisphere. The daily schedule is packed with training, fun activities, great food, picturesque study settings, and great people! This trip is sure to change lives for the better and help our students get a jump on the US snowboard and ski season.

If you’ve been considering joining the Academy for a semester of education and riding don’t hesitate. Along with this trip we will be skiing and snowboarding in Oregon, Colorado, Utah, California, Wyoming, Washington, BC, and more. At the Academy we believe that immersing yourself in your education and learning through experiences built around what you love to do enables you to build your best academic and athletic results.

If your not already signed up for this semester of travel and fun then give us a call or email us to schedule a campus visit and change your life forever!

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The Lab: New For Summer and Fall 2015 Semesters

New for the summer and fall 2015 semesters, Windells Academy will have a MaxAir Super Quad 14’ x 14’ trampoline. The MaxAir Super Quad features a smooth, powerful bounce with plenty of room to focus on mechanics and development of new tricks, from basic rotations, all the way to the most advanced. [Read more…]

Farming on the Palmer Snow Field

complete snow farming

Notice The Vertical Rows of “fencing” – Snow Farming in Full Effect on Palmer – P: J. Ingersoll

We’re often asked about Mt. Hood, the phenomenon that allows Windells to offer skiing and snowboarding camps all summer long. There are natural aspects that cater to year-long snow on the Palmer snow field that we discussed in a recent post, but there is a tactic that Timberline Resort has used summer after summer to maintain skiable terrain into the summer months, called snow farming. Resorts throughout the world have been practicing snow farming for years, in ways that we may not even notice as skiers and riders. [Read more…]

Summer at Windells Academy with Sean Neary

Sean Neary - Roast Beef

Sean Neary roasting some beef while gapping to the down tube. Photo: Sean McNally

It was another amazing summer here at Windells Academy! Good weather, great snow and good vibes. Sean Neary was out here putting in some extra work and it definitely shows. Check out his summer edit and be on the look out for him this season!

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Summer at Windells Academy with Reid Smith

Back Lip Reid Smith

Young Reid greasing the C-Rail. Photo: Sean McNally

It’s true, spending your summer on Mt.Hood is pretty amazing; Reid Smith can definitely vouch for that. No stranger to the Hood life, Reid was back this summer to shred the Windells lane and stoke out campers and coaches alike with his stylish tricks. Check out Reid’s latest edit to see what the summer shred is all about!


Reid Smith Summer 2014 from reid smith on Vimeo.

Not Your Typical Summer School

Jake Nolan Left Three

“Jump Around” Jake Nolan sending it in the Windells lane. Photo: Sean McNally

When most kids hear the words “summer school” they cringe. Not one teenager wants to spend their summer stuck inside of a classroom, solving for “X” and writing book reports about “The Catcher in The Rye.” They would rather be with their friends, enjoying the warm weather and creating memories that last a lifetime. But what if summer school didn’t have to be so dull and boring? What if you could move one-step closer to graduating without having to sacrifice hanging out with your friends? Well at Windells Academy that is exactly what we offer. [Read more…]

Season Edit Round Up

Chair 27

Chair 27 to the top of the park! Photo: Sean McNally

All year long, our student-athletes have been working hard to achieve their goals. For most of them, the season started in September, where they began training at our Private Park on Mt Hood. Everyday from there, moved them one step closer to their objective. Thru the tramp training, the gym sessions, the sweat and the tears, they learned what goes into achieving a goal. All their work accumulated into National Titles, various podiums and invitations to exclusive competitions all over the world. To get a taste of what our students learned this year check out their season edits!

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