Summer Ambassador Program Recap

Dear Academy families,

As I sit here thinking of what to write, the first thing that comes to mind is what everyone else has been saying. “Well… That went fast!”

August seemed years away when we were getting ready for camp in the beginning of June, and now that it’s over, I know the beginning of the upcoming Academy year will be here just as quickly. But first, a look back at the past two eventful months.

It’s been a special opportunity to have our students experience summer here in Oregon, as the weather is so drastically different from that of the school year. Days reaching the mid-90’s in temperature led to waterfall hikes, river swims, and plenty of cliff jumping thanks to the efforts of our amazing summer Life Coaches, Matt and Luc. We will miss them as they return to school and other endeavors in the fall, and wish them the very best.

On hill, our students got to swap out Gore-Tex jackets for t-shirts, and goggles for sunglasses. Our parks have been kept progressive and amazing from Day 1 Session 1, to last day on hill (fondly known as LDOH), Session 5. I’ve been able to go up and take photos of the kids a few times this summer and am always impressed with their talent. If you haven’t had a chance to watch any of the Session Recap videos online yet, I specifically recommend the Windells Session 4 video, as our Academy students have a large presence.

On the skate front, we’re excited to have Jamie and Donovan leading some new upgrades. Not only have they been taking students and campers to all of the best skateparks the Pacific Northwest has to offer, taking advantage of the amazing summer weather, but they’ve also been planning some big changes to BOB. Most notably, a project to swap the indoor wooden ramps for newly designed (by Jamie!) concrete features. We’re all stoked to see the final result. We will have two more sessions of skate-only camp taking place in August, if anyone is interested in attending.

Now that on-snow camp has come to an end, we hope you enjoy your time with your children until it’s time for school and training to start again. Look out for emails from Ann containing a welcome packet and more information leading up to the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Best wishes,

Sarah Sherman
Program and Communications Manager

Student Life Update

Hello! Matt and Luc here, the Windells Academy Life Coaches for the summer. Matt is a snowboarder from New York, a recent graduate from the University at Buffalo where he studied Geology, Education, and Photography. Luc is a Michigan skier, currently studying French and Biology at Calvin College. This is our first time working here at Windells and we are stoked to have the opportunity to work with your kids.

It has only been two months, but we have managed to fill it up with a lot of unforgettable and rad experiences. From taking the kids cliff jumping, riding, skating, to more mellow activities such as card games, exploring Portland, going out to eat at fancy restaurants, and Academy talks. Over the summer we’ve developed connections with these awesome kids and we are really going to miss them.

A few memories that stand out, include impromptu rock paper scissors tournaments, late-night ukelele jam sessions and conversations about career and life goals. We hope your kids had as much fun as we did! We wish them the best of luck for this upcoming school year and in all of their life ventures.

-Matt Mark and Luc Selles,
Academy Summer Life Coaches

Windells Academy Announces Big Mountain Program

In preparation for the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year, Windells Academy is excited to announce the addition of its much-anticipated Big Mountain Program. The Program will provide both skiers and snowboarders hands on experience in big mountain terrain, snow safety training (AIARE 1), wilderness first aid, and optional competition opportunities.

Want to learn more? Email info@windellsacademy for inquires and check out the full press release, below.



June 27, 2018

Windells Academy to Create New Big Mountain Ski and Snowboard Program

MT. HOOD, OR – Windells Academy is excited to announce the addition of a Big Mountain Program for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. Led by Brandon Sorel, former professional snowboarder for Burton Snowboards and long-time Windells Academy employee, this program is designed to expose and develop a group of hand-selected skiers and snowboarders to the vast possibilities of big mountain and backcountry terrain at the professional and competitive levels.

This unique high school program will educate and train athletes on safely assessing, navigating and conquering the varied alpine challenges, while facilitating college prepratory academics and industry connections. Our goal is to promote and create lifelong stewards of the mountains by fostering a community of like-minded individuals who all share a passion for adventure.

“Spending years in the backcountry of Alaska and Tahoe, exploring and riding the terrain outside of the resort is what I knew and what drove me,” stated Sorel. “I want to share my passion and teach these young athletes how to safely navigate and enjoy these mountainous marvels.”

Coupled with its foundational backcountry educational curriculums and athletic coaching, media will be a key component of this program to share the epic skiing and snowboard adventures through great photography and video. These images will not only capture apex moments but be foundational to these riders’ portfolio for media and sponsorships.

Students will learn proper backcountry practices through snow science exposure while earning avalanche safety and first aid certifications in a small coach to student-athlete ratio of 5:1. Along with these tangible skills are unforgettable travel opportunities for training around the Pacific Northwest, industry-networking opportunities for possible sponsorship outlets, and optional IFSA (International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association) competitions at the regional, and possibly national level.

About We Are Camp
We Are Camp is a Mt. Hood, Oregon based private boarding school and collection of active lifestyle camps including High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Windells Camp. With programs formed in the late 1980s, We Are Camp is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of, life improvement through snowboarding, skiing, and skateboarding.

For more information contact:
Athletic Director:
Big Mountain Coach:

Goodbye and Good Luck, Seniors!

Greetings Windells Families and Friends,

Thank you for an awesome year! I could not have asked for a better experience as a first year Headmaster. We offer a unique opportunity for young adults that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. I believe our students are gaining the tools and learning life lessons that will carry them through their college years and beyond.

I am sure you are all happy to have your student athletes back home. We really do become family, and that’s one of the things that makes Windells experience unique. For those coming back for camp to be ambassadors, interns, or campers, I look forward to watching the kids buzz around with about 100 of their best friends each camp session!

I’d like to give a special shout-out to Timberline Lodge for providing us with the most beautiful venue in the world for our commencement ceremony. We are fortunate to be able to have our ceremony at The Raven’s Nest room, gazing out at the mountain. Windells Academy students have a special relationship with Mt. Hood and Timberline. Being able to peer directly outside the window and glance at the mountain is spectacular! For those who attended, thank you so much! Parents and family members, your support is imperative for the success of our students. Props go out to those students who added
authentic meaning to the ceremony. Student speeches made by Emma Nesson and Jared Cummings were terrific, as was the slide show by Luke Blovad. Photographs can be found on our Facebook page if you haven’t seen them.

Everyone at Windells needs to take credit for the great work accomplished this year. I am appreciative of the teamwork between coaches, students, life coaches, parents, Maia, and the kitchen staff. Our numbers for next year are up and we are looking forward to increased student enrollment. With that said, we are continuously reflecting to improve our offerings.

Looking towards next year, arrival date will be September 6, 2018 and orientation on September 7, 2018. Spring break is being added in March, so our students will be well rested for Nationals, and we are extending the school year until May 4th, 2019. This will allow students to wind down after Nationals and complete their studies without being rushed.

Enjoy your summer and please, feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Sincerely yours,

Ann Scott, Headmaster

Ski and Snowboard Nationals, Skating in Shanghai, Olympic Alumni, and More

Dear Families,

Spring is officially here, and winter term has passed the halfway mark. The days are getting longer, and graduation is right around the corner. How has this happened so quickly? Well, for one thing, our students are in the middle of some serious traveling. The skaters are currently in Shanghai, China, and the rest are continuing to chase their dreams in Quebec and Colorado for their most important events of the year. I’ll be at Nationals representing the Academy from April 6th to the 10th. Please stop by and visit our booth if you are planning on being there.

Speaking of dream-chasing, it was wonderful to watch Windells alumni Nick Goepper and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand win silver and bronze medals respectively in the Men’s Slopestyle Skiing event in the Olympics. It was a proud moment for Windells students and staff. I believe we have several young people on the same path.

To continue supporting these dreams, Windells Academy is now offering a great opportunity for our current and graduating students who are planning to return to Windells Academy for school next Fall, or for our Post-Grad Training Program. We are offering the Windells Ambassador Program during summer camp which runs from June 17-July 31st. Open only to Academy students who go through an application process, students will work with their respective coaches on the mountainand off-hill to inspire summer campers and model the Windells way! This is an added value to our academic and athletic training programs. The cost to attend all sessions is $2,225, plus the cost of lift tickets. It’s essentially five weeks of camp for the price of one. The caveat is that parents need to sign an agreement stating that their student will enroll for the Academy in the Fall, or for the Post-Grad Training Program. Parents must also make next year’s the enrollment deposit. The deadline to apply is April 25th.

The month of April will be busy after the students return from their trips. They will be completing their studies, taking state assessments, and for some, the SAT. Graduation is also right around the corner and the seniors are getting excited! Jostens was here to help students order their caps and gowns. Jostens has formal announcements which can also be ordered, as well as class rings and plenty of “senior swag”.

We are fortunate to have the ceremony and dinner at Timberline Lodge, which will be held at 5pm on April 25, 2018. The ceremony will be in the Raven’s Nest, and the dinner afterwards will be in the Mt. Hood Room. Windells will host dinner for your student and two adults. I’ll be emailing parents with specifics.

Thank you for letting me continue to serve your students. I care very much for each one of them!

Sincerely yours,

Ann Scott

Academy Alumni Medal in Pyeongchang Olympics

We’re very excited to congratulate two Windells Academy Alumni — Nick Goepper and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand — on their Olympic performance in PyeongChang this month.

Both Goepper and Beaulieu-Marchand took home hardware at the Olympic Games, earning Silver and Bronze medals in Men’s Ski Slopestyle, respectively.

Learn more about their time at the Academy and their amazing performances, below!

Nick Goepper live on local KGW-TV

Slopestyler Alex Beaulieu-Marchand set himself apart with style, former school says

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The News Semester Brings New Changes

Dear Families,

Welcome to 2018! January has been quite a ride. The New Year brought two additional students, with a third arriving later this week. Campus has been busy as students completed semester one, began semester two, continued training daily on hill, as well as competing locally and afar.

Stepping into the classroom as students were finishing semester one was like walking into a factory running on overtime. I could practically see their brains churning and steam coming out of their heads! Kids focused with a common goal……just love it! For our seniors, they’re entering the last semester of their high school experience. We have nine seniors to say goodbye to in April. That’s a milestone to celebrate.

Senior parents, graduation in April 25, 2018 at Timberline Lodge. I’ll have more information in the next few weeks but, check the date…. you’ll be busy that day!

Our head life coach, Donovan, is moving on to a great adventure. He will be a head skateboard coach for one of the Chinese Olympic skateboard teams and is moving on to China! Brandon Sorel, a former life coach at Windells, has taken over for Donovan. Brandon has an established relationship with Windells, and our kids appear to like and respect him.

How does a summer term sound? Our academy now has a three-month summer term beginning May 7th and ending August 3rd, as well as a shortened summer term from June 18th to August 3rd. Not only that, Windells Academy has expanded the horizon and will be introducing aviation to our roster of disciplines.

Working with Hillsboro Aero Academy, we are offering a summer aviation program from June 17 to August 3rd, as well as a new aviation program beginning next fall. Students now can become a certified pilot by the time they graduate from high school. If you know any prospective students, please pass on the information. The information is also on our Windells Academy web page.

Thank you again for trusting Windells with your precious students.

Sincerely yours,
Ann Scott, Headmaster

All-New High School Aviation Program

Windells Academy is pleased to announce our all-new high school aviation program.

Starting this summer, we will be working with Hillsboro Aero Academy to create the nation’s first high school boarding program where students can earn their pilot certification while getting their high school diploma. This new chapter will kick off with our Aviation Discovery Program, a seven-week course providing students with an introduction to multiple areas of aviation, beginning in June of 2018, followed by our comprehensive boarding school program starting in September, 2018.

Enrollment opens this month for students between 14-18 years old. Click here to apply now, and find the full press release, below.

An HAA helicopter lands at the Windells Academy campus.


January 24, 2018

Windells Academy & Hillsboro Aero Academy Launch Aviation Program for High School Students

Portland, Oregon – Windells Academy, the famed action sports boarding school, and Hillsboro Aero Academy (HAA), the largest combined helicopter and airplane pilot training school in the US, have partnered to create the nation’s first high school boarding program in which students can earn their professional pilot certifications while at the same time working toward their high school diploma. Students enrolling in the Windells Academy Aviation Program will have the potential to earn their licenses and ratings to become professional airplane or helicopter pilots and obtain a college degree in aviation through HAA’s unique partnerships. This new program will kick off with the Aviation Discovery Program, a seven-week course providing students with an introduction to multiple areas of aviation, starting June 18, 2018 with the comprehensive boarding school program starting in September 2018.

The Windells Academy Aviation Program is the first program of its kind in the country, and unique because Windells Academy is an action sports boarding school that will provide an active and exciting student life experience. With enrollment opening this month for both international and domestic students between 14-18 years old, the program will offer students the potential to enter a career that is forecasted to grow exponentially for the next 20 years.

“Our students are driven and talented athletes and several are Olympic and X-Games prospects, but now we are able to offer our students the opportunity to train for a solid career in a blossoming industry,” stated Kevin English, President of Windells Academy. “We are truly pleased to be working with Windells on this project,” stated Jon Hay, CEO of Hillsboro Aero Academy, “the synergies are phenomenal— both organizations have a very clear focus on offering a personalized approach to coaching and training for every student,” he added.

Windells Academy, started in 1989, is a premier name globally as an action sports boarding school and Hillsboro Aero Academy has trained thousands of airplane and helicopter pilots since 1980—together they will bring a truly unique program to 14-18 year olds. “The beauty of this program,” continued English, who is a certificated pilot himself, “is that we will be able to train high school students to become airplane and helicopter pilots preparing them for a career that has tremendous growth prospects well into the future.”

About Windells Academy

Windells Academy is a world class action sports program for developing today’s most driven and talented student athletes. It caters to students focused on year-round training as well as academics. Credits accrued while attending Windells Academy are transferable in or out of any school, national or international. Windells Academy students receive personalized coaching and academic support. Academy students have access to natural snow 12 months a year at Mt. Hood, around North America and the world. The Academy sits on 28 acres of private campus; home to world renowned off hill training facilities.

About Hillsboro Aero Academy

Hillsboro Aero Academy is one of the largest helicopter and airplane flight training academies in the United States. With a fleet of over 90 aircraft, Hillsboro Aero Academy flies in excess of 70,000 flight hours per year from its three campuses in Oregon. During its 38 years in business, the company has training thousands of pilots, and its graduates fly for operators worldwide. To learn more about Hillsboro Aero Academy, visit

Press Contacts

Windells Academy
Jason Arens, Marketing Director
(503) 622-8931

Hillsboro Aero Academy
Brett Hart, Director of Admissions

November Update

Dear families,

I can’t believe we are in the home stretch for the first semester. With Thanksgiving break behind us, the kids have a full schedule of skiing, snowboarding, and skating in Colorado, California, and Arizona before Christmas break, not to mention keeping up with their academics.

Like you, I too, have been feeling the empty nest syndrome. The skies have already left for Colorado and I won’t seem any of them until January since they will be arriving back on campus after it is officially closed for break. They are terrific kids and I am so proud of them. The honeymoon period of the semester has never worn off, and I already miss them.

The snowboard team at Mammoth Mountain, CA.

Campus life is stable. Students have been healthy and focused on their goals. We’ve been fortunate to hire two new life coaches, who are former summer employees, as well as promote another, Donovan Lawler, to Head Life Coach. In the classroom, Maia has been working hard to communicate with every parent on the academic progress of each student.

Second semester begins on January 8th for incoming students. Plan to arrive on January 6th, so your student can settle in on the 7th before school begins. Please email the flight itinerary, or approximate arrival time if driving to, if you have not done so.

The skaters during their trip to the Bay Area in CA.

Senior parents, please begin your FAFSA if you have not already done so. This is a critical piece in the application process for their continuing education. I’d also like seniors to take the SAT. The next test date is March 10th with a deadline of February 9th . After that, the test date is May 5th when your student will be home. Please email me if you are interested in having your student take the test so we can arrange to have students take the test at the same location on the same day.

The skiers at Timberline Lodge.

Have a wonderful break with your families this upcoming month, and thank you for your continued support!

Sincerely yours,

Ann Scott, Headmaster

Autumn (and Snow!) Has Arrived at The Academy

Autumn has arrived, along with an early touch of winter. Thanks to the opening of Timberline Lodge a couple of weeks ago, the kids were able to get on the mountain and enjoy the snow. Now they’re gearing up for their first “on snow trip” to take place in a few weeks. As I write this, I hear the snowboard students shout with glee as they practice new tricks on the “Super Tramp”—our large outdoor trampoline. These kids are exceptional!

Academically, we are halfway through the semester. I continue to be impressed by their dedication to their studies. Who goes to school until 6pm? Well, these kids do! When I walk into the classroom, they continue to work feverously through their assignments, setting up good study habits for when they’re on the road.

Jed Waters during the ski team’s training trip to the Utah Olympic Park.

I’ll be setting up conferences with each parent, student, Maia, and coach. Look for an email in the next week so we can set up a time that is convenient for everyone. In the mean- time, I am pleased with the progress reports Maia and the coaches are sending out to keep you informed. I can’t impress the importance of communication and feedback. Please let me know if you have any additional concerns.

Students getting a tour of the Skullcandy office in Park City, Utah.

Student voice is also important. Students requested a meeting with the top administrators of Windells, and Maia helped facilitate the process. Students chose student leaders from each sport to represent them, who then met with Kevin, Dan, and myself to discuss their concerns. They were also encouraged to come up with solutions to those concerns to help bring on change. One such change was being able to keep the cafeteria open in the evenings, which we are now doing. So far, it seems to be working out.

Family Dinners are a tradition that Windells has had in the past. We are hoping to have our first on November 6th before students leave for their November trip. We invite a guest speaker, students dress up, and tables are set nicely. Any interested parents are welcome to attend as well. Details to come shortly.


Ann Scott, Headmaster

More Photos from the Month

Snowboarders Cam, Roya, Evan and Stephan at In n Out in Utah.

The skiers take a tour through the 4FRNT Skis legendary “White Room.”

The skateboarders taking the ferry in Seattle, WA.

Jordan Marten at the Utah Olympic Park training facility.

Evan Bowers at the Utah Olympic Park training facility.

The 2018 Academic Year is Off to a Great Start

The seasons are changing here in Oregon, and fall has arrived right on schedule. There is a brisk, morning chill in the air and the students just had their first campfire of the season. An early snow also fell on the mountain last week, creating lots of excitement and foreshadowing their first long-distance trip of the year. This Tuesday, September 26, they departed to train at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah.

Max Daenen and Luke Herbert hanging out on campus.

So far, academics have been going great. I have been impressed with the students, who have been
focused and working hard. Our teacher, Maia, is in her fifth year here at Windells and is dedicated to helping them succeed. Mr. Ling, MEWA’s math tutor, also comes in every Monday afternoon to help students learn.

I want to make sure that every parent knows how to access and observe their student’s progress. I have sent individual student email addresses and ID’s to give each parent immediate access to this information, but please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me if you have any issues logging in.

Mason McDonald at his computer.

Back in their cabins, students are enjoying newly renovated bathrooms. We are currently renovating another cabin, as well, that will be ready for move-in when they return from Utah. This will mean fewer students in each cabin. Also, thanks to feedback from students, parents, and coaches, we have implemented a new, slower paced weekend schedule that incorporates a later breakfast and more campus/study/chore time in the mornings. This schedule may change again once the snow flies, and we’re ready to make that accommodation as well.

I love my job and am working hard to make sure your students’ needs are met. The staff, students, and coaches are all exceptional people, and I am honored to be a part of this family.

-Ann Scott, Headmistress

Academic Update

This year, our Academy students have gotten off to a great start in the classroom. Even though this was the first time many of them have taken online classes, they learned to navigate their MEWA
courses with ease and are doing a great job of staying on task and focused in the classroom.

The students are working hard to stay ahead of due dates and have been taking advantage of evening
homework time. I have been providing students with one-on-one help in the classroom, and they have the opportunity to work with MEWA teacher, John Ling, one day a week.

So far, I’m amazed at the level of effort and dedication these students have displayed and am looking forward to a great school year!

-Maia Kinigopoulos, Teacher

Skateboard Update

Despite the much needed rain that we’ve been receiving lately on Mt. Hood, Portland’s been nothing but sunshine during our skate visits, so I’d say that so far the skate crew is off to a great start!
Having a crew of five skaters plus staff during our scheduled athletic times has made for great sessions filled with the perfect amount of energy.

The Windells skateboard crew.

We’ve been doing work outs before we skate that mostly consist of light stretching, jump roping and soccer ball juggling— a great and fun way to get the body loose and ready for the day.

We’ve collectively gone over some goal setting for the year and as much as the students seem to laugh and mock at this, I feel like this is such an important way for them to progress on and off their boards.

Some major goals that they all seem to agree on aside from certain tricks is to eat healthier, stretch more before and after skateboarding, and film a full video part. I’m going to do my best to keep them all on track with this, especially with the eating healthy part, because I think it’s easier said than done for us all!

We’ve also collectively gone over some DREAM travel destinations for the year:

  • #1 Shanghai
  • #2 Barcelona
  • #3 Copenhagen
  • As well as some of our ACTUAL destinations:

  • #1 Colorado
  • #2 Los Angeles
  • #3 Arizona
  • Now, we’re currently on our first trip of the year, taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah and Boise, Idaho. We left on Tuesday the 26th and we will be back on October 6th.

    – Jamie Weller, Head Skate Coach

    Ski Update

    The ski team spent our first official training day of the season by warming up our legs with a hike to one of the cooler parts of Mt. Hood National Forest: Burnt Lake. During this time, we set expectations for the year and worked on goal setting.

    The Windells ski crew.

    The past three weeks have been focused on strength and conditioning, building strength in the legs, core, and back. Strengthening these areas will get the team ready for skiing multiple days in a row as well as prepare them for bigger parks, with bigger features. In addition to building strength, we have also been working on agility and explosiveness through calisthenics and a variety of workouts.

    We have spent the rest of our coaching time training on the trampolines and our airbag jump. We’ve used these to dial-in and perfect some old tricks and make sure everyone has a solid foundation before moving towards learning new tricks. We are very excited to have the opportunity to train on the brand new, state-of-the-art landing airbag when we head to Utah this week, and have high hopes that everyone will walk away from the trip with a few new tricks that will be ready to try on snow this winter!

    Along with our daily training in Utah, we will be taking tours of some ski industry companies located in the Park City and Salt Lake City areas. This will give our athletes a look into the other side of the industry and how these brands operate on a day-to-day basis.

    – Wynn Berns, Head Ski Coach &
    Brian McCarthy, Assistant Ski Coach

    Snowboard Update

    The Windells Academy Snowboard team has something that’s truly hard to find for a group of diverse teenagers: Support, drive and passion. Over the past few weeks the team has come together to support and push each other towards their respective goals.

    The Windells snowboard crew.

    While on the Windells Campus the kids have been focusing on reaching these goals and developing their snowboard skills through the use of trampolines, skateboards and airbags. Another large portion of their time has been dedicated to turning them into better athletes through the use of our new, on-site gym facility.

    The year has just started but everyday we are stepping closer to achieving the goals of these awesome individuals.

    -Tommie Bennett, Head Snowboard Coach