Farming on the Palmer Snow Field

complete snow farming

Notice The Vertical Rows of “fencing” – Snow Farming in Full Effect on Palmer – P: J. Ingersoll

We’re often asked about Mt. Hood, the phenomenon that allows Windells to offer skiing and snowboarding camps all summer long. There are natural aspects that cater to year-long snow on the Palmer snow field that we discussed in a recent post, but there is a tactic that Timberline Resort has used summer after summer to maintain skiable terrain into the summer months, called snow farming. Resorts throughout the world have been practicing snow farming for years, in ways that we may not even notice as skiers and riders. [Read more…]

Skateboarding every day is the way to go

On September 10th we all arrived here at the beautiful Windells Academy campus. There are about 23 students enrolled here at the academy as of right now. There are about 11 skiers here this semester, 5 skateboarders, and 7 snowboarders. Everybody attending the academy this year is very talented and I think there is a future for every single kid here in there sports and interests. We’ve only been at Windells for about 3 weeks and we’ve already been on an industry trip to an organic farm and learned how organic vegetables are produced and harvested.

Students Henry Savage, Austin Tattom, and Jake Day chillin at Starbucks right before laundry

We went on an industry trip to the ski company ON3P where we learned and got see where and how all of their skis are made. We also got to see some of their next season’s product and designs. The academy has also taken us on a weekend rafting and Bowinkles day which were both fun times. Next week we are going on a school trip to Southern California to just have fun in the sun so definitely look out for some cool pictures and content soon. I’m not going to lie, Windells definitely keeps us busy 24/7 but that’s not a bad thing at all.

Academy student Jake Day filming a line with skate coach Jamie Weller

On the skate side of things we’ve been going out to new skate parks and spots every single day. Jamie the skate coach has been teaching us so much and has been helping as progress at an amazing rate. Every single day a new trick or crazy banger goes down! Each day we have been filming at the parks and are about to put out a montage very soon so be on the look out!

Academy student Arlan George killing the vert wall in the Windells Concrete Jungle

The weather and parks have been so great. I can speak for everybody when I say that we are really capturing that dream here at Windells Academy.

Stay tuned.

Jake Day

P.S. Don’t be a Nelson!


What is a Bully?

If you didn’t already know, October is bullying prevention and awareness month. Bullying is such a big issue nowadays that there is actually a month dedicated to it. So many kids in our country and others don’t realize or understand what bullying is or how it affects others.  It is really hard to understand what crosses the line between joking around and bullying. Everyone has a different level of sensitivity about certain subjects, so it’s our duty as human beings to really be understanding of differences between individuals. There’s that old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”… unfortunately doesn’t always apply, words can really hurt. As someone who was bullied throughout my elementary, middle, and high school careers, I hope I can help spell this out. No one wants to be bullied or be labeled a bully; it’s just not nice for anyone!

B – Belittling others because of their differences. These can be small differences like favorite brands, style of clothing, freckles, scars, smells etc. or larger differences like appearance, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or socio-economic status.

U – Under-estimating a person’s ability before they are able to express themselves. Even if someone does not have the capabilities that others do, they probably already know and understand that. You should never point out others deficiencies to make yourself feel better.

L – Labeling a person by one aspect of their personality. A bully often uses terms that describe a person based on preconceived ideas of different races, religions, abilities, or basically anything that can be different about a person. Doing this not only makes it impossible to get to know them as a person, but also makes them see you negatively.

L – Laughing at others in a situation that causes harm to their self-esteem, self-worth or which causes them to question themselves or their abilities. Like I said before, everyone has a different sensitivity level, so what may just be annoying to you may be seriously damaging to another.  Try to think of the last time someone laughed at an idea you had, you tried to take it lightly, but your feelings were really hurt. It doesn’t feel good at all!

Y – You may be a bully and not know it. Try to think of the last time you made a comment to someone and could see a look of sadness on their face. In this situation, you may not have intended to be doing so, but you’re hurting someone’s feelings, which could open the possibility that you are being a bully. Ask yourself, does this happen often?

The biggest lesson I can teach you in hopes that you yourself do not become a bully is very simple… BE NICE!!

Yours in being a good person,

Big Bully Busting Betty



Coach Jeff Curry Spicing it up on ESPN


It’s fair to say that Jeff Curry is a boss when it comes to skiing. Check out his ESPN interview and see what brought him from Pittsfield, Massachusetts to Windells Academy.

Windells Academy on Fox 12 "Oregon Sports Final"

This past week Fox12’s very own Brooke Carlson came to experience a “day in the life” of a Windells Academy student-athlete.  She spent the day on campus and on Mt. Hood hanging out with the students and getting the inside scoop on what it’s like to live, learn and ride at Windells.
Check out the video for yourself by clicking on the photo below!
Windells Academy on Fox 12
Windells Academy on  Fox 12 “Oregon Sports Final”