Snowboard Coaching

Head Snowboard Coach Tommie Bennett Colorado Contact: Home Mountain: Timberline Lodge, OR Tommie brings hands on experience to the snowboard program that will provide students with the opportunity to learn from someone who has lived their dream.  As an ex-competitor Tommie can share real life experience with our athletes and relate to the pressures, fears, and successes that young athletes face while pursuing their dreams.  His expertise as a coach has lead him to develop strong relationships with some amazing young athletes.  Snowboarders riding with our program will find the support they need to achieve their goals with Tommie. Assistant Snowboard Coach Al Grogan Colorado Contact: Home Mountain: Timberline Lodge, OR Not only an amazing snwobaorder and coach but the big brother you always wanted to have. Al has a natural way with our athletes that puts them at ease and inspires them to be the best they can be.  He pursues coaching snowboarding from a perspective of fun and works hard to show our athletes how to enjoy their time on the snow fully!  Al's skill as a rider and expertise was a coach have enabled him to support the development of many successful competitive and filming snowboarders.  Snowboarders riding with Al will find the support they need to truly enjoy their time here at the Academy!