Windells Academy’s ski program is lead by Head Ski Coach Wynn Berns. Under his direction our students’ opportunities are limitless in training, traveling, and competing. Through various opportunities, students develop important life skills that include time management, teamwork, and independence.


Windells is the world’s exclusive academy than can offer students on-snow training every month of the year. With the academy based in the foothills of Mt. Hood, the utilization of the mountain’s year-round glaciers are maximized. Windells Academy has partnered with Timberline ski area to offer students the only private park in North America during the months of August, September, October, and November. This provides students an advantage for each upcoming winter competition season by training months in advance when compared to other training athletes.


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Windells academy’s campus also offers world class training facilities. Our campus features a dry slope as well as two olympic trampolines for added land training. The students’ schedules include trampoline clinics that are lead by our coaches twice weekly with access to trampolines daily. In addition, Windells Academy has partnered with a local gym, Mt. Hood Athletic Club. This athletic club was recently built with top of the line facilities that include a saltwater pool, hot tub and sauna, basketball courts, and an extensive weight lifting/cardio gym. Our coaches transport students to the gym weekly and lead strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises for added dry land training.


Video review is conducted daily by coaches and is an essential part of our training program. This allows students the chance to view themselves performing in their sport to better understand where they need to improve and how to do so. Goal sheets are completed at various parts of the year to measure student progression and to help students establish a clear path for their progression.


Competition season brings many travel opportunities for students. Depending on their level of ability coaches compile a competition schedule that meets their goals and matches their skill level. In the past students have traveled domestically to events such as USASA local events and Nationals, the Dumont Cup, Carinthia open, North Face big mountain series, the Dew Tour, and X-games. Internationally students have traveled to the European X-games and various world cup events.


Athletics are a primary focus but providing students with long term opportunities are a leading focus. Industry trips to the headquarters of companies that are involved in the ski and snowboard industry offer students the ability to build connections and understand the concept of networking. Companies that we visit include but are not limited to Armada, ON3P, Nike, Mervin Manufacturing (GNU, Lib Tech), K2, Ride Snowboards, Poler, Transworld Magazine, Oakley, and Dakine. Tours are lead by company team managers and marketing managers giving students a perspective of life after sports. This leads students to pursue jobs in the industry that allows them to continue their passion of the action sports after pursuing their dreams of being an athlete. This also gives athletes a chance to meet industry leaders for sponsorship opportunities.