Tommie Bennett



Head Snowboard Coach

Home Town:

Vail, CO

How long have you been coaching:

I’ve been a snowboard coach for 11 years now. Coaching is something that has always come natural to me. I’ve always enjoyed helping other people learn because it’s so rewarding to be a part of the process of accomplishing someone’s goals and dreams. I personally thrive off progression and growth; life and snowboarding is no fun without constantly getting improving yourself in one way or another, and snowboarding is my outlet to help people grow regardless of what level of rider you are.

What brought you into coaching:

My original dream was to be a professional snowboarder. I was on that track until a career-altering injury transitioned me into coaching when I was 17 years old. I wanted to continue to be a part of the snowboard industry and, specifically, have an influence on the upcoming athletes. I believe I bring something different to the table because of my competitive background experience and can relate to the athletes wanting to make it on the professional level. Coaching has been the perfect move for me and I love every minute of it.

Most notable coaching experience:

I’ve coached Olympic-hopeful athletes in New Zealand, Australia, Czech Republic and Turkey but the most notable experience I’ve enjoyed was after last years USASA Nationals with my semi-pro athletes, Blake and Michael. Our season had been demanding with 5 days of on-snow training per week and a busy competition schedule.

Despite the grueling 115-days season which ended with the USASA Nationals competition, the boys were still eager and excited to continue training. Most athletes at this level would be burnt out by the end of the season, so this told me that we managed the intensity of training very well and never lost sight of the raw love and passion we have for snowboarding.

Why Windells Academy:

I chose to work with Windell’s Academy because I whole-heartedly believe this program has the potential to and will become known as the top snowboard program in the world. Our coaching staff, in particular, is what sets us apart from other programs. With our incomparable staff and world-class facilities, we can give every athlete the best chance to become successful no matter the end goal.