Chris Hargrave



President of Windells Academy

Home Town:

Grew up int Portland Oregon now live in Sandy, the gate way to Mount Hood!

Favorite Mountain:

Toss up between Mt. Hood, Snowbasin, Stevens pass, Whistler, and Northstar.

How long have you been coaching:

Since the early 90’s.  I found a passion for helping others grow and found that I learned more through the process of finding creative ways for other people to understand the complexities of how the body and equipment work to do amazing things on and off the snow!

What brought you into coaching:
I have been coaching in one way or another since I was very young.  My inner belief has always been that the greatest thing we can do with our own strengths is use them to help others become stronger.  The first time I worked with a student and saw their empowerment, I felt something that I will never forget and have been working hard to recreate that for others ever since!

Working with Athletes like Toby Miller have created many of the best personal memories I have and I am thankful for every opportunity I’ve had as a coach.

Most notable coaching experience:
I have coached students, athletes, and professionals of all levels over the years and have had many amazing coaching experiences.

The day I met Toby Miller’s mother, she asked me to help her little boy,  since then every challenge and success I have experienced in coaching him have by far been my proudest moments.  I love that kid, and building relationships like this are so incredibly inspiring.  I’ve traveled the world as a coach, worked as a trainer of coaches and athletes, and it’s clear to me that the most important person is the one that has honored me with the opportunity to be in the moment with them.  I love this!

Why Windells Academy:
I see an opportunity to bring together some of the most amazing coaches, staff, athletes, people, and industry partners to give families and athletes the best support and education available and ensure that their student athlete can succeed in becoming an exceptional person while achieving their dreams.

With the resources we have available for our students there is truly no more compelling program or place in the world for an athlete to reach for their true potential!  Why Windells Academy? Because we love changing lives through this experience and we want every student to have a future that aligns with their individual dreams.