NEW FOR 2018! Designed in conjunction with the Hillsboro Aero Academy, one of the largest helicopter and airplane flight schools in the United States, the Windells Academy aviation program places passionate career driven student pilots in the right place at the right time with the right people.


    The program is ideal for student pilots who dream of turning their passion for aviation into a career. To maximize learning and offer tremendous financial value, each year of the program builds on itself to provide students the opportunity to graduate with the following certificates, ratings, and degrees:
  • Fixed wing Private private pilot certificate, OR
  • Rotor wing Private pilot certificate,
  • English Language Test for Aviation passing score,
  • Part 107 UAS certificate,
  • Glider private pilot certificate,
  • Airplane Private pilot certificate
  • Airplane Instrument rating
  • Airplane Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • High school diploma
  • Two year college degree, and
  • Embry Riddle early acceptance.
Summer: May 5 – August 4, 2018
Fall:  September 2 - December 20, 2018
Winter:    January 5 – April 20, 2019
* Midterm enrollments available

GRADES:  9-12.

CLASSES:  Four core classes (science, math, English, history), plus PE credits and opportunity to create customized electives (digital media, graphic design, aviation ground school, etc.)

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY: Immersive English as a second language and cultural program.

AVIATION SEGMENTS: Drones, gliders, airplanes

For an overview and schedule information on our aviation program click here.

For more information or to schedule a consultation call us at (503)622-8931 or email us at info@windellsacademy.com