Admissions Process

1. Call (503) 622-8931 or click to request an Enrollment Application
We enroll a limited amount of students annually from a large pool of qualified applicants, so we encourage interested student-athletes to submit an application as early as possible. Get started now!

2. Site Visit and Interview
After submitting a completed Enrollment Application, including academic records and recommendations, we encourage prospective families to schedule a visit to our campus through the Director of Admissions. The visit may include a class shadow experience, meetings with admissions staff, coaches, flight instructors, and faculty. This visit may also be conducted as part of summer camp program.

3. Enrollment and Deposit
If admitted to the Windells Academy, a Letter of Acceptance and a Tuition Enrollment Agreement will be sent and must be returned by the date indicated, with the required financial deposit.


What type of person does Windells Academy look for in its student body?
Windells Academy looks for student-athletes who are hard working and dedicated both in their sport and in life. Closely reviewed are personal characteristics, school performance, individual sport history, ability and potential.

How good or experienced must I be in my sport or aviation to be accepted?
Athletic performance is not the determining factor in acceptance. While our program is fun and exciting, it is rigorous and requires exceptionally motivated students who wished to work hard to reach their full potential.

Who do I call if I have other questions?
Please call (503) 622-8931 or email our Director of Admissions anytime.