E-Learning with MEWA

Our Academy is currently partnered with Metro East Web Academy (MEWA). MEWA is an Oregon based, accredited, online high school based in Gresham, OR. Delivering an individualized and comprehensive education, MEWA is able to tailor fit schedules for all of our students’ graduation requirement needs.



  • Challenging courses, matched to students’ interests and abilities.
  • Opportunities to repeat and review difficult lessons at any time.
  • Unlike other online schools, MEWA offers the opportunity to have face-to-face instruction with highly qualified teachers.  This is a great combination with Windells Academy’s daily classroom teacher and tutor support.
  • Metro East Web Academy allows Windells athletes who are in their junior or senior year an opportunity to enroll in dual credit (high school and college credit) coursework through their MEECA Program.  Connecting with local community colleges, students can work toward obtaining both high school and college credit while taking core classes at no additional cost.
  • Metro East Web Academy now also offers a General Educational Development (GED) Program. This program is available to qualifying individuals between the ages of 16 and 20. 


Academy teachers collaborate with MEWA staff to ensure that students comprehend all course material. Students work with accredited specialists and MEWA’s fully licensed teachers in humanities, language arts, mathematics and science.

Windells Academy allows for an individualized academic model for each student.  Parents can access and follow their students progress in real-time and our Academic Director is available to communicate with parents regularly to discuss performance and their academic goals.

Our immersive action sports education program allows students to develop independence, collaborate with their peers on projects, and find support from our teachers and MEWA’s academic staff.