Keystone National High School, a Pennsylvania based online high school, requires all affiliated programs abide by the Department of Education’s state graduation requirements. Students complete 5-7 courses per year, 21 total courses upon high school graduation.

Number of Courses     Course Type

1                                   Health
1                                   Art or Humanities
3                                   Math
3                                   Science
4                                   English
4                                   Social Studies
5                                   Electives

21                                  Total

Students are offered over 100 classes to choose from, including six foreign language classes, 50 electives and almost 30 honors and AP courses. Personalized course schedules and teaching techniques keep students actively engaged in academic material.


Academy teachers collaborate with Keystone National High School to ensure that students comprehend all course material. Students work with accredited specialists and Keystone’s fully licensed teachers in humanities, language arts, mathematics and science.

Windells Academy allows for a customizable and individualized academic model that works for each student. Students academic progress is monitored and progress updates are sent to parents/guardians weekly.