At the Academy we set high expectations for our student athlete’s and work carefully with them to ensure amazing results. We strive to create a culture and environment that inspires our students to work with their peers and our staff to challenge themselves to exceed their own expectations.  In a caring and enriching environment our students are given the tools and motivation they need to succeed.  Individual GPA goals are set with each student and are held accountable to their academic goals.  Students at Windells Academy are guided to become strong independent learners that are prepared to transition on to higher level education.  Universities appreciate students that have already developed independent life, study, and human skills.

All students attending Windells Academy are enrolled in The Metro East Web Academy, an online public charter school approved by the Oregon Department of Education. The school’s web-based curriculum meets Oregon state standards and highly qualified teachers provide the instruction online. On top of that, Windells has an Academic Director and teacher that is in class at all times offering additional help, keeping students on track, and managing student pacing. Although MEWA is an online school, it is based less than twenty-five miles from our campus providing students with even more face to face resources. Staff from MEWA helps make sure your child is on track to graduate whether they want an Oregon high school diploma or would like to stay on track to graduate in their home state.

With the creative and caring team at MEWA we have developed elements of our immersive action sports education curriculum.  Students will learn math and science through on-campus projects developing snow and skate features.  The design and construction of these features will teach our students how to be a part of a project team, understand the basics of geometry and physics, while managing critical project deadlines.  Students will also visit industry partners (like nike, lib tech, k2) and travel destinations to reinforce their understanding of how they can apply their passion for sport and education in the future.  Our goal is to create well rounded fully engaged students that have a passion for learning and vision for their future.

At the Academy we are dedicated to your success as a student and we believe that education comes first.  We know that your passion as a snowboarder, skier, and skateboarder is critically important to your motivation as a student.  It’s amazing to see what creative, motivated, passionate students can accomplish at the Academy.

Please contact us to discuss a personalized program for your child.  While most of our students attend the entire academic school year some elect to do a single semester.  We have the ability to develop a program that works for you and your child.