The Lab: New For Summer and Fall 2015 Semesters

New for the summer and fall 2015 semesters, Windells Academy will have a MaxAir Super Quad 14’ x 14’ trampoline. The MaxAir Super Quad features a smooth, powerful bounce with plenty of room to focus on mechanics and development of new tricks, from basic rotations, all the way to the most advanced.Students, guest athletes, and professionals will have endless options to progress, practice, and train with this cutting-edge set up. Positioned strategically next to Windells’ private 60’x 60’ BagJump™ with walls varying in height from four to eight feet, the MaxAir Super Quad will help grow air awareness for campers looking to develop larger and off-axis rotations.

In addition to the new super trampoline on campus, Windells Academy has also resurfaced the launch ramps on campus with Skatelite™, allowing everyone the ability to “send it,” into the bag. The addition of Skatelite™ allows skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders, and BMX riders to learn and development new skills safely on campus, before confidently taking the skills on-hill, to the Concrete Jungle™, or the Dirt Track™.


This is only one of many tools in the Windells’ training system, giving student athletes the components needed to elevate their skills. Start on the trampolines, take the next step to the mini indoor launch ramp into the foam pit, then step it up again to the big launch ramp…all here on Windells Academy’s private campus.

For more information on Windells Academy and the new additions to campus, please feel free to reach out to us at (503)622-8751


  1. Madeline Fish says:


    Are there any summer ski sessions available within the next two week? Thank you,

    Madeline Fish

    • Kevin English says:

      Hello Madeline – our Academy is going to New Zealand to ski some winter snow around September 20th and then we have a winter camp at Windels December 27 through January 2.

      If you are interested or have questions please give Logan a call: (503)622-3736 or email

      Thank you!

  2. Elijah Rochon says:

    Hello. I am interested in a skateboarding/snowboarding combined one week camp. I wasn’t sure if this is possible so i wanted to check first. As i mentioned, it would be a half snowboard/half skateboard day. I searched on the website and it made it seem possible to snowboard during the day and when you return to windells, skate for the night. Is this possible? And one more question. How much would this type of camp cost and do you have anything available for this december around christmas time? Thanks!

    • Chris Hargrave says:

      We can make sure that you have a balance of snowboarding during the day and skating every afternoon in your camp experience. Give us a call at 503-622-3736 and we can help answer questions for you.


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