Skateboarding every day is the way to go

On September 10th we all arrived here at the beautiful Windells Academy campus. There are about 23 students enrolled here at the academy as of right now. There are about 11 skiers here this semester, 5 skateboarders, and 7 snowboarders. Everybody attending the academy this year is very talented and I think there is a future for every single kid here in there sports and interests. We’ve only been at Windells for about 3 weeks and we’ve already been on an industry trip to an organic farm and learned how organic vegetables are produced and harvested.

Students Henry Savage, Austin Tattom, and Jake Day chillin at Starbucks right before laundry

We went on an industry trip to the ski company ON3P where we learned and got see where and how all of their skis are made. We also got to see some of their next season’s product and designs. The academy has also taken us on a weekend rafting and Bowinkles day which were both fun times. Next week we are going on a school trip to Southern California to just have fun in the sun so definitely look out for some cool pictures and content soon. I’m not going to lie, Windells definitely keeps us busy 24/7 but that’s not a bad thing at all.

Academy student Jake Day filming a line with skate coach Jamie Weller

On the skate side of things we’ve been going out to new skate parks and spots every single day. Jamie the skate coach has been teaching us so much and has been helping as progress at an amazing rate. Every single day a new trick or crazy banger goes down! Each day we have been filming at the parks and are about to put out a montage very soon so be on the look out!

Academy student Arlan George killing the vert wall in the Windells Concrete Jungle

The weather and parks have been so great. I can speak for everybody when I say that we are really capturing that dream here at Windells Academy.

Stay tuned.

Jake Day

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