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What is a Bully?

If you didn’t already know, October is bullying prevention and awareness month. Bullying is such a big issue nowadays that there is actually a month dedicated to it. So many kids in our country and others don’t realize or understand what bullying is or how it affects others.  It is really hard to understand what crosses the line between joking around and bullying. Everyone has a different level of sensitivity about certain subjects, so it’s our duty as human beings to really be understanding of differences between individuals. There’s that old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”… unfortunately doesn’t always apply, words can really hurt. As someone who was bullied throughout my elementary, middle, and high school careers, I hope I can help spell this out. No one wants to be bullied or be labeled a bully; it’s just not nice for anyone!

B – Belittling others because of their differences. These can be small differences like favorite brands, style of clothing, freckles, scars, smells etc. or larger differences like appearance, race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or socio-economic status.

U – Under-estimating a person’s ability before they are able to express themselves. Even if someone does not have the capabilities that others do, they probably already know and understand that. You should never point out others deficiencies to make yourself feel better.

L – Labeling a person by one aspect of their personality. A bully often uses terms that describe a person based on preconceived ideas of different races, religions, abilities, or basically anything that can be different about a person. Doing this not only makes it impossible to get to know them as a person, but also makes them see you negatively.

L – Laughing at others in a situation that causes harm to their self-esteem, self-worth or which causes them to question themselves or their abilities. Like I said before, everyone has a different sensitivity level, so what may just be annoying to you may be seriously damaging to another.  Try to think of the last time someone laughed at an idea you had, you tried to take it lightly, but your feelings were really hurt. It doesn’t feel good at all!

Y – You may be a bully and not know it. Try to think of the last time you made a comment to someone and could see a look of sadness on their face. In this situation, you may not have intended to be doing so, but you’re hurting someone’s feelings, which could open the possibility that you are being a bully. Ask yourself, does this happen often?

The biggest lesson I can teach you in hopes that you yourself do not become a bully is very simple… BE NICE!!

Yours in being a good person,

Big Bully Busting Betty



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